Signs of a Heart Attack

Looking Out For Subtle Heart Attack Signs Can Save Your Life

An estimated 1 million Americans suffer heart attach annually. This statistics could be reduced if people will be more observant and look out of signs of a heart attack. Knowing the early signs of heart attack will lead to earlier treatment and prevention.

Mild to severe chest pains, shortness of breath, cold sweating and weakness are common signs of a heart attack. But these signs will most likely be followed by an attack. Looking out for early signs is what will change one’s fate.

What are these signs?


Dr. Stacey E. Rosen, MD, a Go Red For Women cardiologist at North Shore-LIJ Health System, says this is one of the most common symptoms she sees (especially in women heart attack patients). “In my 25 years of practice, people on the verge of a heart attack report feeling tired and not able to do their usual activities,” she says. During a heart attack, blood flow to the heart is reduced, putting extra stress on the muscle, which could make you feel exhausted, according to WebMD.

early signs of a heart attack

Soreness in the back, arms, or chest

Noticeable pain or soreness in the back, chest, or either arm is often a silent heart attack sign.

Heartburn or belching

If you have an occasional heartburn flare-up after a heavy pizza lunch, it’s probably nothing to worry about, but if it’s out of the ordinary or heartburn has never bothered you before, call your doctor because it could signal a heart attack.

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