Raw Marijuana on Your Juice of Smoothie?

Is Juicing Raw Marijuana The Next Green Drink?

The debate for legal use of marijuana is still ongoing but more and more people are discovering its health benefits. Will this lead to legalizing its use for various purposes especially medical? Many hope so.

Some people have started to infuse their juices and smoothies with marijuana for pain relief.

One patient had rheumatoid arthritis. Instead of taking antibiotic and pain killers that have known side effects, he went ahead and mixed marijuana juice to his smoothie and he has never felt better in a long time.

cannabis for juicing

Is cannabis the new kale?

“When it’s consumed as a leafy green vegetable, you get the whole profile of the plant,” Courtney said.

Unlike heated forms of cannabis— smoked, vaporized or in baked goods— raw dietary cannabis contains both the terpenes, the aromatic compounds of the plant, and the cannabinoids, the chemical compounds which are also in the correct portion and ratio.

Courtney points to about 8,000 of his patients who have seen positive effects from ingesting raw dietary cannabis, whether it’s juiced, blended, or chopped up and added to cole slaw.

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