Matcha, the Wonder Tea

Matcha Has Health Benefits Ten-fold Than That of Regular Green Tea

For years, we have known that green tea has lots of health benefits because of its high anti-oxidant content. This property is the reason why green tea is good for the heart, boosts brain performance and aids metabolism which helps prevent fat buildup.

What if you can get those benefits ten-fold? Meet Matcha, the pure green tea powder made from young tea leaves. This green tea powder enhances brain power as well as energy.

It is said that Samurais of Japan drink Matcha before going to battle for endurance and strength. Nowadays, Matcha is used as an ingredient to many healthy foods and beverages.

There are pure matcha tea, matcha coffee, smoothies, baked goods, ice cream and noodles. Aside from being healthy, Matcha is also very versatile.

what is matcha green tea

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