Intensati: The New Fitness Craze

Why Try Intensati?

Zumba meets yoga. That’s how participants describe Intensati. The name was derived from two words, intention and sati (meaning mindfulness).

It is a fast-paced and high-cardio exercise with a mix of fun. If you are not the active type, you may find Intensati a little bit uncomfortable. However, if you have tried yoga or zumba, this new fitness craze is quite interesting.

Intensati involves motivation at the start of the exercise. The leader will talk about self-affirmation and how loving oneself is the key to happiness and health.

The exercise involves slow to fast-paced cardio and complex aerobic exercises like kicking, punching and squatting. You will also be asked to high-five other participants which might be awkward or fun depending on your personality. Below are FAQs about Intensati:

what is Intensati
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For How Long: Classes are an hour long.

How’d It Feel: A little strange. Think of it as Zumba meets the yoga mentality. If you’re not one that’s already on board with the whole positive mantra-reciting thing, it can be hard to get into it. But it’s definitely a work out, so expect to sweat profusely and feel your heart rate rise. And you’ll have to be okay with high-fiving sweaty strangers. If you let go and allow yourself to look “stupid,” it can be a really fun experience, though. So don’t be dissuaded if it doesn’t sound like your thing — it doesn’t hurt to try it.

What It Costs: It depends where you take the class. With an Equinox membership(which costs upward of $143 a month), you can go to as many classes with Patricia as you like. Elsewhere, you’ll have to consult the individual studios for pricing.

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