How Healthy is Miranda Kerr’s Diet?

What Does She Eat?

I think most people male or female will agree that Miranda Kerr is a very beautiful woman, and clearly works out and eats……healthy?  Maybe most of the time?  Seeing as she incorporates the 80/20 principle in her diet, 80% healthy with 20% “whatever she wants”.  She also maybe confused as to what ‘healthy’ really is.  She claims that she doesn’t superscribe to one particular diet, but by looking at the images she posts about food, a lot of it looks fried.

But don’t we all go through diet changes?  I know I have, and as my knowledge of which foods are good has grown, I have made changes to eliminate previous foods I would eat that I thought were healthy.  And no two of us are exactly the same in our diet needs.  Some of us are exercising twice a day, and others are twice a week!  Which will change what we need to put in our bodies.

So What Does She Eat?

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