Foods Nutritionists Eat To Lose Weight

Expert Advice on Weight Loss from Nutritionists

Nutritionists are only human and they also pack on the pounds just like you. The only difference is they have the knowledge on how to lose those pounds.

As nutritionists, they know to consume only the right amount of food as well as the kinds needed by the body.

Following weight loss routine exercises and healthy lifestyle, plus a diet of healthy foods will most definitely make weight loss a piece of cake. Don’t forget to sport the right attitude too.

Here are more tips coming from the experts.

A protein-packed breakfast

“I make sure to add adequate protein to meals— about 30g— especially at breakfast. People do not get enough protein at breakfast. Eggs are getting a reprise, and they are wonderful mixed with dark green and red veggies topped with fresh mozzarella cheese. Add a side of mixed berries and you have an amazing breakfast. In fact, a recent study suggests that adequate protein in the morning helps tame appetite throughout the day.”
Angela Lemond, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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