Finding Your Own Spiritual Path

Connecting With Your Inner Self

Oftentimes we find ourselves too wrapped up with superficial things. We are too busy, stressed and tired. We fail to identify the important things in our lives which results to getting disconnected with people we love and our passions. This should stop.

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with a friend? Do you still go out with the family and bond? Do you have time for yourself to relax and just be carefree?

If you can’t give a straight “yes” to all these questions, then it is time to backtrack a bit. Slow down and reconnect with your inner self. Here’s a simple exercise to do so.

how to find your spiritual path
  • Sit in a comfortable position

  • Breathe through your nose and notice how the air is cooler going in and warmer going out.

  • Place one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly.

  • Feel your heart beating and thank it for being there for you, every day.

  • Feel your belly, noticing the rise on the inhale and the fall on the exhale.

  • Thank your belly for digesting all the food you eat.

  • Sit silently with your eyes closed, and allow yourself to be.