Edible Flowers for Juicing? Why not!

Edible Flowers Are the New Juicing Craze, Rose Juice Anyone?

With the many stresses a person has to deal with every day, taking supplements has become a necessity for many. However, some of these supplements may come with unwanted side effects.

With continued search for healthier alternatives, more and more have discovered that going natural is the best option there is.

Juicing is one natural way to take massive amounts of pure and chemical-free vitamins and minerals. Fruits, vegetables and greens are commonly used for juicing. But did you know that even flowers are now used as ingredients for juices?

Here are some edible flowers with recipes you can try for your juicing routine.


Green Sunflower Juice
Sunflower petals have a bittersweet, artichoke-like flavor.

Dandelion Grape Juice
Serve over a cup of finely crushed ice.

Refreshing Rose Juice

Rosewater has long added mild, fruity flavor to desserts.

Spring Tulip Juice

Who knew? Tulips taste like a slightly sweet green veggie.

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