Color Therapy Balances Your Chakras For Optimal Health

Balancing Your Chakras for Overall Wellness

Chakras are channels of energy that surround our body, and every person has chakras, the strength and health of which influence one’s well-being. There are said to be seven chakras, with different colors, each representing an element and part of the body. It is said that an imbalance of the chakras will have negative effects to your mental and physical health.

Color therapy aims to balance the seven chakras. And in doing so, one must first learn what each chakra represent and how it affects the body.

For instance, the green chakra is associated with the heart and how a person cares for another. When the green chakra is in good flow, a person is compassionate and has lots of love to give and when the Heart chakra is getting low, one becomes indifferent and envious.

To counter low green chakra flow, it helps if you seek comfort in  surrounding which are mostly green. Looking around at trees and plants will also balance your chakras. This is what you call color therapy.

color therapy to balance chakra
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Crown: Violet

The crown is the first chakra, located at the very top of your head. It is governed by the brain and most closely associated with beauty, creativity, and inspiration. The violet energy connects us with our thoughts, feelings, and spiritual self.

If your violet chakra is open, then you are generally creative and self-sacrificing for others, and have a strong higher sense of self.

When your violet chakra is blocked or underactive, you might feel depressed or unmotivated, or experience a low sense of self. When it is overactive, you might be prone to feeling superior to others and be disconnected from reality, living more in a fantasy land than real life.

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